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We've Warned 200,000 Young Cambodians About Slavery with the #DontBeTricked Campaign!

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With your help we smashed our goal and raised over 100% of our funding goal for our first human trafficking campaign!

Over 200,000 young Cambodians have now been reached with the #DontBeTricked comics in printed format or with full video views on Facebook!

Together we have literally changed the lives of thousands, who will not be tricked, trafficked, and sold by job agencies offering work overseas. This result proves what’s possible, and this is just the beginning.

Here’s one of the 3 comics in video format in English (We used Khmer language versions projected at the schools and on Facebook):

We reached school kids in the Provinces, and Factory workers in Phnom Penh, as both groups are vulnerable to being tricked, trafficked, and sold. Today you're invited along for the ride to some of the schools we visited, and stay tuned for more about the factories next time.

Scroll through the gallery below for a glimpse of some of the faces of school kids we reached:

We started working on this campaign with no resources and no finances just a few short months ago. You’ve seen what can be created from nothing. Now it’s time to build an organisation that will continue the fight for Freedom and Break the Chains of Modern Slavery.

We have the co-operation of Schools and Government. We have an open door to warn the young people of this nation. We have an outstanding National Director Ravy Mom, who has led this campaign brilliantly, with the support of Phoebe Osterhus, who also led an awesome visiting team from the United States.

National Director Ravy Mom having some fun with the kids after the presentation

We'd also like to thank our corporate sponsors the Yindi Group, Traveljoy, and Global Connexions Church for helping to make this possible.

We are now in the process of hiring a crack team of Cambodian Freedom Fighters to extend our reach and impact.

We have expertise, access, and opportunities, and now we need you! In fact we’re counting on your support, because we’ve all moved to Cambodia and started this work in faith, without ongoing personal or organisational funding in place.

Geographic Area Reached in Red
We've reached 1 in 10 kids in the areas we targeted, which is amazing, but that means 90% are still vulnerable to being tricked into slavery. Who will warn them? The only limit to our reach is our funding.

Every dollar that you contribute represents the freedom of the innocent and the destruction of this evil industry. Every dollar adds a link in the fence on the edge of the cliff where lives are being lost into slavery every single day, simply because they don’t know about the danger.

Every dollar you contribute represents your fingerprint on the life and future of a precious young person, with so much promise and so much to lose.

Thousands like her remain vulnerable. What is their safety worth to you?
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For those of you who’ve contributed already thank you so much, on behalf of the thousands you’ve warned. They may never know your name, but you have made a mark on their lives forever.

On a personal note, for anyone wondering what motivates us to do this work, we are Christians, so our "Why" is an outworking of our personal relationships with Jesus Christ. God has a heart of incredible love and compassion for every human being, whether they recognise Him as their saviour or not. He wants us to be His hands and feet to fight injustice and evil, and protect the innocent and vulnerable. The #DontBeTricked campaign contains no religious content and is provided without discrimination, restriction, or requirements of any kind.

Stay tuned for more about our faith and the first Freedom Church we've started in Cambodia!

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-Simon on behalf of The Freedom International Team